Swopper Policy

From time to time people find items in their households or businesses that they no longer use, and want to replace it with something else. BSSD offers swoppers the platform to swop such items. We aim to make swopping easy and convenient.

The policy is part of our Terms of Use. By swopping your items on Buy Sell Swop Donate, you are agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use.

 1.     How to Swop on Buy Sell Swop Donate

If you are a swopper, you agree that:

1.   When you register online to make use of our swopper service you will pay BSSD a service fee.

2.   Every pictured item listed on Buy Sell Swop Donate accurately resembles the item that the other swopper will receive.

3.   You are using your own and unedited photographs (listings must be of the item itself) - not stock photos, artistic renderings or photos used by other members or sites. 

4.   When you send photos to BSSD you confirm that you have all the necessary rights to those photos.

5.   You will be honest and transparent about the value and condition of the item that is listed for swopping.

6.   You will not attempt to or engage in swopping items that violate our Prohibited Items Policy.

7.   Once an agreement is reached with another swopper the delivery details will be agreed upon and finalised between the two parties.

8.   You will not engage in fee avoidance. 

2.     Cancellations

        You must notify BSSD via prompt message if you no longer wish to swop with another member or simply feel that you no longer want to swop the listed item.

3.     Contact

        If you have any questions contact us at Iwant2know@buysellswopdonate.co.za.