Donator Policy

Buy Sell Swop Donate (BSSD) believe in a better life for all people regardless of race or religion. We aim to empower and uplift those who are most in need of donations from people who share our principle of a better life for all.

Consider the following:

You have something that is still usable but you no longer want it. Don’t throw it away, give it away!

You may have the resources to help someone further their education, start a business or get a job.  Please register online and let us know what you can give to change someone’s life for the better.

 We would like you to share your ideas and suggestions with BSSD.

The policy is part of our Terms of Use whichever may be relevant to you. By donating through Buy Sell Swop Donate, you are agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use.

1.    What can be donated on BSSD?

The following donations can be made through BSSD:

   Gifts in kind / pro bono support

   Cash (sponsorship)

   Investments or any other type of asset

Note: you need to make a full disclosure of the type of donation you want to make. 

2.    What can’t be donated on BSSD?

To protect the dignity of recipients of donations and for various other reasons BSSD prohibit the following donations:

   Food that has reached expiry date

   Cosmetic products that have reached expiry date

   Non halaal food

   Torn clothes and broken shoes

   All items listed in our Prohibited Items Policy, please read it here.

3.    How do I make a donation on BSSD?

If you are a donator, you agree that:

1.   You are making an anonymous donation. Your personal details, for example your name or business name will not be made public. BSSD will facilitate direct contact/communication between donator and potential recipient/s of a donation.

2.   Only the recipient of the donation may know your name and contact details.

3.   You will provide BSSD with your name, email address, contact number and any other additional information we may want. 

4.   You will be honest and transparent about the condition of the items you want to donate.

5.   You will not attempt to donate items that violate our Prohibited Items Policy.

6.   You will not donate Cash derived from the items in our Prohibited Items Policy or from illegal proceeds.

7.   You will not donate Cash from the proceeds of gambling.

8.   BSSD reserve the right to decline donations without explanation to you.

You may contact us at to make a donation or for any questions you may have about donating. We will be happy to help you. 

4.    Contact
If you have any questions contact us at